Portable LED Light Bulbs


$ 12.00

  • A MUST-HAVE ACCESSORY FOR ANY OUTDOOR LOVER! - If you’re fond of camping, love going for fishing, and generally enjoy all outdoor activities that bring you closer to nature, you are definitely gonna love our portable LED light; it is small, easy to use, and can effortlessly fit in your bag, or backpack!
  • ENJOY A STEADY LIGHT SUPPLY WHEREVER YOU ARE! - Thanks to our travel LED light working with 3 AAA batteries, which are included in your package, you can be certain that you will never have to face an emergency situation without proper lighting!
  • ONE LIGHT, ENDLESS USES! - Our LED lights aren’t ideal just for your outdoor hobbies and activities. They can also be used as decorative indoor lights, or as a useful, handy aid while you’re working, studying, or reading a book just before you go to sleep!

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